Apron Dryers

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Apron Dryers

The Apron Dryers are used for drying rubber aprons that were just washed in an apron washer. In order to create proper conditions for drying the aprons, the dryer is equipped with a specially constructed arm that prevents the apron surfaces from contacting each other. These apron dryers are made of rust-resistant material (stainless steel). On the height of about 2100, on a horizontal pipe, individual hangers (arms) are mounted. The arms can be mounted on the supporting frame or brackets fixed to the wall (depending on the number of the arms and the conditions in the plant).


  • Sizes: height 2100 mm
  • Depth: 1100 mm
  • Width: 1400 mm (in the dryer for 20 aprons)
  • Distances between individual arms: 65 mm


The apron dryer consists of the supporting frame and arms (standard: 10 or 20) for hanging the rubber aprons.

  • Arms made of pipes with a tensioning rod
  • Slidable hooks (continuous spread of the apron)
  • Possibility of varied configuration of apron supporting frame (standing, hanging, perpendicular or parallel to the wall)