Automated Batch Dryers

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Automated Batch Dryers
Automated Batch Dryers

The Automated Batch Dryers follows a certain working principle, which is commonly known as Automated Batch Drying System. The Automated Batch Drying System combines highly efficient fluidised bed drying with ‘single batch containment’ advantages. This system is especially used for combined coating/ drying of pelleted product. If pelleting time for example is 15-20 minutes, an accumulated 4 batches can be dried in about 60-80 minutes. Systems of 60 – 600 ltr. per batch are available. This results in fully automated coating/ drying systems with a capacity of 120 – 1800 ltr per hour coating/ drying capacity. Another huge advantage of the design is that real-time weighing can take place during the drying in order to have absolute and continuous moisture control independent of often inaccurate in line/real time humidity control. The dryer empties out 100% because it rotates 180 degrees so there is no cross contamination between batches! Normally Vibrating Fluidized Bed Systems are, when compact, extremely costly or when simply built (reciprocating drive) extremely long.


  • Specially for encrusted and pelleted seed
  • Rapid drying because of the fluidized bed principle
  • Automated discontinuous system, traceability / containment guaranteed
  • Real time humidity control
  • Compact design