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Belt Controls

Belt Control is designed to automate and simplify belt control in mining and material-handling environments. It is also designed to maximize mine productivity and safety. The system is composed of belt controls using advanced-technology . The belt controls has a color touch-screen LCD panel that displays the status of the belt, alarms, and inputs or outputs like the pull-cord and fire suppression system.


  • Color touch panel on each belt controls shows alarms, slip, sequence, fire, remote or pullcord, gob switch status, etc for simple diagnostics
  • Start or Stop belt from both the belt controls and software with audible and visual alarm for belt starting
  • Separate controller and junction box allow for simple replacement
  • Uses high-quality, industrial PLC’s, but simple setup screens eliminate the need for onsite personnel to perform PLC programming
  • Analog and digital inputs or outputs allow use of most any drive, belt sensor, and fire suppression system
  • Internal battery backup for each belt controls with remote disconnect
  • Ability to monitor connection to fire suppression system
  • Automated belt Downs and Delay reporting planned