Bench Top Dryers

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Bench Top Dryers
Mini Bench Top Dryers

The Bench Top Dryers are conceptualized and designed to provide moisture removing solutions to all the microbiology, biochemistry , biotechnology and genetic engineering laboratories which require complete moisture removal and storage facilities of various biological agents/material. The bench top dryer removes moisture from all the biological samples while ensuring that the structural integrity along with the biological and chemical activities are preserved. Beside the normal drying applications the bench top dryers are fit to be used for various applications tests involving micro-organisms, plants, tissues etc apart from various customized industrial and research applications. The bench top dryers have a variety of usage in R&D laboratories, research studies and product testing facilities across the globe. Apart from that, these bench top freeze dryer have a variety of usages in tissue culture applications, enzyme reaction studies, growth observation studies, fermentation analysis and various other general and specialized applications in various laboratories. It is specialized in both standard and customized models, specifically designed to meet the challenging demands of various scientists for individual and specialized research applications.


  • Reliable
  • Precise Control Of Environmental Parameters
  • Micro-processor based Controllers
  • Aesthetically designed
  • Corrosion Resistant interior and exteriors
  • Energy Efficient
  • CFC free cooling
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Low Maintenance
  • An energy efficient cooling unit is installed


The bench top dryers are double walled cooled units. Outer body of our bench top freeze dryer are constructed out of thick PCRC sheet duly pre-treated with primers and rust proofing and painted with long lasting stove enamel or elegantly powder coated.. The inner chamber is made of heavy gauge stainless steel sheet of SS-304 grade. The gap between the walls is filled high grade mineral glass wool, which ensures maximum thermal efficiency . It is provided with a non magnetic SS bottom for an easy removal of effluents. The vacuum drum of our unit is made of stainless steel sheet of ss-304 grade with top cap made of heavy Perspex sheet of 8/12” valve for manifold drying. Our bench top freeze dryer is provided with high efficiency double stage vacuum pump to speedify the drying process . The moisture content of the sample is reduced to approx 5%.