Centrifugal Dryers

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Centrifugal Dryers

The Centrifugal Dryers are basically a spin dryer. They are typically used when parts are being processed in bulk. The parts may be placed into an appropriate size basket that then is inserted into the dryer. The dryer is then closed, turned on and spins the basket at a very high speed to force any liquid, oil, etc. to leave the part. Along with the spinning action drying the parts, an optional heater can be installed to offer adequate time in drying the samples.


The Centrifugal Dryers are know for their robust durability and ease of service.

  • Heating Units: steam or electric.
  • Extra Heavy V Belt Drive which has a horsepower rating greater than the motor to insure a steady pull and maximum belt life.
  • Built-In Automatic Magnetic Disc Brake which automatically engages when stopping.
  • Safety Interlock which interrupts the current flow before the lid can be raised. This engages the magnetic brake, bringing the machine to a smooth, fast stop
  • For heavy-duty service.
  • Oversize roller bearings for loads up to 800 lbs.
  • The base, which holds the bearing housing, is welded to a square frame construction for maximum strength.
  • Super Samson includes a basket 30" in diameter and 24" high.