Centrifugally Agitated Bed Dryers

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Centrifugally Agitated Bed Dryers

Through the Centrifugally Agitated Bed Dryers, the material begins to act like a fluid with gas of the right velocity passed though the bed. There is excellent solids/gas contact, resulting in high heat transfer rates for rapid drying. The drying capacity can be up to 300 tph.

Centrifugally Agitated Bed Dryers are suitable for:

  • Sands (Mineral & Foundry)
  • Minerals (Limestone, Magnetite, Gypsum, Copper, Salt, Iron Ore)
  • Plant Seeds & Grains (Grass, Wheat, Oats)
  • Chemical Mixtures Main benefits of the Centrifugally Agitated Bed Dryers:
  • Ability to dry small to fine material
  • Low maintenance
  • Well agitated
  • High capacity

Concept of the Centrifugally Agitated Bed Dryers

The bed has the appearance of a vigorously boiling liquid, and in fact the bed of material takes on many of the properties of a fluid. It exerts a hydrostatic head, and the material will flow through a hole in the vessel or over and under a weir within the bed.