Conical Dryers

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Conical Dryers

The Conical Dryers combine an unusual design with a unique material of construction into a unit that uses heat, vacuum, and a gentle tumbling action to dry and blend even the strongest corrosives. The double inverted cone vacuum dryer design ensures a thorough mix and a homogeneous product so that drying is both controlled and fast.

Operational Mechanism

Once the product is fed into the manhole to the desired capacity, clamps seal the cover and rotation begins. As the CDB revolves, the top layer of the product rolls down toward the opposite cone and is followed by the entire mass. The conical walls deflect the product toward the center producing a constantly changing cross section of material that blends as it dries. The jacket surrounding the vessel contains a heating medium that is circulated by means of a rotary joint or through the center of the support shaft. A vacuum tube removes vapors formed by the heated jacket.


  • Anti-corrosion, when the dry solution is not chemically neutral.
  • Fire polished and non-sticking, greatly reducing of eliminating the tendency of solids to stick to vessel wall.
  • Zero-contamination for products that require a 100% metal-free contact.
  • Easy cleaning for API.
  • Functional design.
  • Simple operation.
  • Problem-free cleaning.
  • Low operating costs.
  • Wide range of options


  • Adjustable lump breakers (choppers) for materials that tend to become lumpy.
  • Insulation and special coating.Heated cover to prevent condensation.
  • "Clean room" version with minimized dead zones and remote control for filling, emptying and cleaning functions.
  • Stainless steel design available.