Continuous Tray Dryers

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Continuous Tray Dryers
Continuous Tray Dryers Mechanism

Continuous Tray Dryers provide better efficiency than simple Batch Dryers. It features a cycling mechanism for each tray. This mechanism continuously moves trays through the dryer, and allows the removal and addition of trays without stopping the blowers. It has the ability to avoid over heating while removing trays. This design allows the drying of more trays per hour.

Working Principle

The working principle of Continuous Tray Dryers is a mixed system of Tray Dryers and Conveyor Dryers. The system has continuous trolleys. Products can be dried by using different air sections (bottom - top - right - left). Each trolleys stay at all of air sections by using continuous trolley system.

Drying Parts

Machine has 4 parts for drying

  • Left drying parts
  • Right drying parts
  • Bottom drying parts
  • Upper drying parts

The Trolley stay all of these parts at drying operation. this is useful for uniform drying.