Convection Dryers

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Convection Dryers

The Convection Dryers are characterized by the following components:

  • A conveyor belt for each deck to ensure save and gentle transportation of the wet product. The conveyor belt supports sensitive products or products with low wet strength all the way from the inlet zone of the dryer up to its exit zone. It is for avoidance of production losses through material jams.
  • Air-jet nozzles create a uniform distribution of the hot air. As part of a re-circulating airing system, the nozzles are arranged above and below the product. Axial or radial fans force hot air out of the nozzle holes or slots. The enhanced heat transfer shortens dwelling and drying times. Focusing on low electrical power consumption, the axial re-circulating fans are the preferred design, where usable in the respective application.
  • The dryers are of modular design with up to 12 decks whereby uniform drying in all decks for product widths up to 4 meters is a significant quality feature. The evaporative capacity can be over 20 t/h.
  • Thermal energy consumption plays a more and more important role in controlling operational costs. Therefore we combine dryers with heat recovery systems, minimize thermal losses and use high quality insulation materials.