Disc Dryers

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Disc Dryers

The Disc Dryers are especially suited for drying pasty products or sludge-like products. These dryers can be constructed in carbon steel as well as stainless steel. Heat transfer by means of steam through a heavy central rotor. This rotor has a special innovative design without intermediate distance bolts.


These Disc Dryers are pure contact dryers, heated by steam. The dryer is pre manufactured in workshop and has a small footprint comparing to convection dryers. The product will be mechanically conveyed through the dryer, which minimizes the demand for electrical energy.


Inside the dryer the double-walled discs are sitting on a central tube which are heated by steam from the inside. The product is continuously circulated in the rotating disk bundle, and shovels fixed at the circumference transport the product axially through the disc bundle dryers. Scrapers that are fixed between the discs ensure thorough mixing of the product and also prevent product from sticking to the discs. Indirect heating allows a gentle and environmentally friendly drying process.

Typical Applications

The Disc Dryers are reliably operating in the drying of:

  • Corn Gluten
  • Flesh meal, bone meal, blood meal, fish meal
  • Sludges from communal or industrial waste-water
  • Various pasty media or sludge
  • Food residues


The Disc Dryers can be used for: sludge, fat, blood, calibrated slaughterhouse offal, etc


It's capacity varies in function of the water content and heat transfer characteristics of the product.