Drying Installations

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Drying Installations

Drying Installations are systems to reduce the amount of water content in a product. Drying Installations can be used for seed drying. The seed and flower bulb cultivation is very quality-focused, in every phase of production. The end result demands optimum conditions for handling and storage.


Continuous Dryers

With the continuous dryer every box containing seed is dried individually. Using this method the seed boxes can be placed in and removed from the dryer independently. The drying can therefore start the moment the box is filled with seed. The desired drying can be programmed for each individual box. The drying will stop at the moment the desired moisture content is reached.

Stationary Bed Dryers

Drying boxes are practical drying methods for seed. The seed in the boxes are placed in front of a air-distribution system. The boxes are made in a way, so that every box is dried individually; Air goes trough the seed separated by layers and every box has its own exit. The layer thickness is never more then the box. The space is used optimal, there the boxes are piled up. The installations can be delivered as mobile units and eventually placed outside. Solid seed drying installations can be placed in almost every existing (and new) room.