Duct Heaters

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Circular Duct Heaters
Rectangular Duct Heaters

Duct Heaters are primarily used in air flowing ventilation systems and comfort heating applications while process duct heaters are mainly used for industrial process heating applications (ovens that require re-circulated air or forced circulation).


  • The rugged, efficient, Duct Heaters have the capability to heat large volumes of air with fast warm-ups and cool-downs.
  • The design provides low pressure drops with no build up of excessive temperatures and the low static pressures allow you to use smaller, more economical blowers.
  • Circuits are exposed directly to the air flow enabling immediate heat transfer from wire to air while remaining relatively cool themselves.
  • This heater is intended for use in commercial and industrial processes only, not residential or commercial HVAC.


Circular Duct Heaters

Used for tempering fresh air in ventilation systems, heating air supply to rooms and zones with independently controlled temperatures and reheating supply air in systems employing heat recovery.

Rectangular Duct Heaters

Installed in duct systems or within air handling units these rectangular heaters are used for efficient heating of supply air in ventilation systems and industrial processes. Flexible manufacturing enables production of configurations to match individual applications.