FIBC Dischargers

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FIBC Dischargers

FIBC Dischargers are also commonly known as Bulk Bag Unloaders, FIBC Unloaders or Big Bag Dumpers. Upper and lower bulk bag unloader frameworks combine to safely support and contain the bulk bag and its materials. The bulk bag is loaded into the bag frame by a dedicated hoist, fork truck, or customer supplied hoist. Regardless of the style of bulk bag frame utilized, it should be designed so the operator never stands directly under the bulk bag during all phases of positioning and discharging the big bag's materials.

FIBC Hangers

The bulk bag is attached to a bag hanger for raising and positioning the bag into the bag unloader support frame. All bag hangers allow easy attachment of the bag loops while securely holding the bag in place within the bulk bag unloader. Bag hangers can incorporate options that retain bulk bag liners and prevent bag liners from extruding through the discharge spout into downstream process equipment during bulk bag unloading.

FIBC Flow Aids

Bag massagers and deblocking devices are a necessary component of bulk bag unloaders when dry material packs above the discharge spout or becomes severely agglomerated when stored in bulk bags. Bulk bag flow aids are designed to continuously induce material flow through the discharge spout of the bulk bag so material unloading is consistent.

Safety Features

The safety of FIBC discharger operators during the entire sequence of handling, loading, untying, unloading, retying, and removing bulk bags is paramount in bulk bag discharger design. From safety interlocks to structurally sound discharger design and construction; process equipment operator safety is considered during every step of the bulk bag unloading process.