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Diagram of Filter Dryer

The Filter Dryer is a combination of filter and dryer unit in single equipment to achieve economy in process, space and energy thereby improving profitability. This equipment can be used in manufacturing process of various Pharmaceuticals, Intermediate Compounds, Fine Chemicals, Chemicals, Agro Chemicals, Pesticides, Insecticides, Dyes and Food Products.

The range of filter driers cover both hermetic filter driers and filter driers with exchangeable core.The hermetic filter drier is delivered with various functions: standard filter drier, bi-flow filter drier, combi filter drier and burn-out filter drier.


The Filter Dryer designed to separate solids from liquids, it is totally enclosed and is normally operated under pressure or under vacuum. Additionally, the equipment is fitted with a stirrer mechanism which efficiently agitates the slurry during cake washing, smooths and squeezes the cake during filtration and assists in the automatic discharge of the cake. It comprises of a pressure vessel in which a main shaft rotates and also moves in the vertical direction. Specially designed stirrer blades are mounted on the shaft, capable of performing various function. A side discharge arrangement is provided, closing and opening through hydraulic/mechanical means. A filter plate is located at the base of the vessel in level with the discharge port. The filter medium, usually a filter cloth, is fitted on the filter plate which is replaceable type.

In addition a special multilayered filter plate can also be provided instead of filter cloth. In dryer construction heating is provided on shell by limpet in bottom by jacket and through hollow agitator and blades. Vaccume is applied for fast drying.

Salient Features

  • Designed and Manufactured to suit critical hygienic conditions of pharma and food industries.
  • Offered in various materials of constructions, like stainless steel, Hastelloy, Titanium, carbon steel, rubber lined and lead lined.
  • Offered in a wide range of filtration area capacities from 2 Lits upto 15KL (4.5 mt. dia)
  • Method of operation is totally enclosed, neat and hygienic. These conditions are excellent for solvent recovery, handling of sterile compounds or toxic and hazardous materials without human intervention.
  • Enables easy non-manual and automatic cake/solid discharge. Scraper blade is provided to scrap the material which may stay on shell.
  • The unit is designed with minimum maintenance features.
  • Hollow Shaft and Hollow Blades for thorough drying.
  • Specially designed tank cleaning nozzle is provided for thorough cleaning of inside of filter body.


  • The high purity filter system allows for solids filtering, washing, reslurrying, and drying in a single vessel, reducing process time and worker and environmental exposure.
  • Ideal for processing ultra high purity, pharmaceutical and hazardous materials.
  • Available in standard and customizable configurations.
  • Lab, pilot and production units in 2-200liter capacities.
  • Portable for multi-application versatility.
  • Removable bottom head allows easy cake retrieval.
  • Aseptic/sterile designs
  • Final cake moisture content to 1% is achievable.
  • Wide variety of filter media and pore-size offerings.


  • Optimum efficiency
  • Professional high performance
  • Total flexibility
  • Easy cleaning
  • Multi-purpose production with frequent product changes
  • Processes with stringent requirements for low-particle and sterile production
  • Limited building heights
  • Side discharge valve with metal-to-metal seal
  • Side discharge valve for pressure tight closure after each product discharge without prior cleaning of the sealing areas. Ideal for automatic process control and contamination free production.
  • Easy-Clean-valve for manual cleaning in the case of difficult products
  • Two- or three-blade agitator for an efficient agitation and discharge process
  • Quick-lock bayonet or C-clamp main flange closure
  • Dust filter to prevent the suction of solid particles into the vacuum source.
  • Metallic multi-layer fabric, single layer fabric or cloth as filtration media.