Flash Dryers

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Flash Dryers

The Flash Dryers offer an effective and efficient method of removal of surface or on bound moisture from a feed product. Flash dryers are Pneumatic Dryers having very low residence time within the equipment, thus flashing off the moisture from the feed.


They are used for efficient drying of moist powders. Slurry, filter cakes, granules, etc. They operate on varying throughput rates from few hundred kilograms per hour to hundreds of tons per hour. Low temperature dehumidified air could be used for heat sensitive products to hot gases with temperature up to 500 - 600 deg. C. For temperature resistant products. Flash dryers comprises of the feeding section normally a screw feeder, rotary valve, vibratory feeder, etc. Which feeds the wet product in a controlled fashion into the throat of the flash dryer, where it is mixed with hot air produced by a hot air generator or Heat Exchangers.