Gas Tight Dryers

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Gas Tight Dryers

Gas Tight Dryers have system that can be heated internally as well as externally with gas. These dryers deliver Belt Dryers for products with a maximum operation temperature of 300°C.

Working Principle

The described dryer is specially executed (gastight) for drying of metal oxide with a temperature of max. 250°C. The belt dryer consists of an infeed section, four drying sections and one cooling section, completely made of stainless steel quality 1.4571 (AISI 316). The infeed and discharge area are closed, the entire dryer is equipped with purpose-built sealings to ensure gas-tightness of the dryer. Hot inlet air of max. 400°C heats the dryer, the inlet air is processed via gas burner. Product is fed via chute into the closed infeed zone and passes the various sections on a specially executed steel belt. At the end of the last drying section the product has a temperature of nearly 240°C and is cooled down to 90°C inside the following cooling section in order to meet further production conditions.