Highly Turbulent Bed Dryers

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Highly Turbulent Bed Dryers

The highly turbulent bed dryers are coupled with a steam addition system and top mounted metal filters, the TURBUTHERM is the ideal process equipment for Drying, Tempering and Cooling of extremely problematic products, i.e. grainy, crumbly, crystalline, powdery and fibrous substances. The highly turbulent bed dryer is the only dryer with a mechanically produced fluid bed, which means significantly improved energy efficiency and increased product quality.


The product is fed into the TURBUTHERM and mechanically agitated, thus creating a homogenous fluid bed. After the energy exchange via steam admission or by inroduction of a hot inert gas, i.e. nitrogen, the fluid leaves the drying chamber through a system of metal filters. The dry product discharges over a retaining weir into the discharge socket.


Homogenous moisture/heat distribution within the product Optional continuous or discontinuous operation; High efficiency due to optimum heating and cooling capabilities Ability to mix several different products simultaneously; Elimination of process vibrations; and Space savings due to compact design