Horizontal Paddle Dryers

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Horizontal Paddle Dryers

The Horizontal Paddle Dryers can be used in vacuum as well as in pressure applications and was developed for use in heavy industrial processes. The paddle dryer is applied as mixer, reactor and dryer, where process steps under vacuum / pressure and with heating / cooling may be performed in succession or simultaneously.

Special Features

  • Suitable for processing entire range of feeds, except liquids
  • Product, granular, powdery
  • Very high evaporation capacity
  • Very high thermal efficiency
  • Partial drying possible
  • Continuous operation
  • Compact installation


It is especially suitable for the production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Fine Chemicals and Intermediates. consists of a fixed cylindrical chamber with an eccentric agitator inside with two independent movements, able to rotate on its own axis and tangentially to the cylindrical chamber as well. The double combined rotation allows an optimal mixing of the product, continuously renewing the surface of the mass exposed to evaporation, covering all the volume of the vessel. In this way solvents release is facilitated and drying times are significantly reduced. The peculiar configuration of the agitator, characterized by a diameter much smaller than the one of the drying chamber, and the double rotation not only allow the continuous revolution of the product but also limit the mechanical stress, preventing local overheating due to friction. This enables to treat even more delicate and thermo sensitive products, as it preserves their purity, avoiding degradation. The mechanical and thermal stress on the product is three times less than the one obtained with traditional dryers that have concentric agitator

Typical Applications

  • Crystaline Solids
  • Pasty Solids
  • Sludge
  • Agro Waste
  • Magnesium Carbonate
  • Polypropylene Beads