Horizontal Tanks

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Horizontal tanks

Horizontal tanks are a great choice when floor space is not an issue and head room is at a minimum. The Horizontal tank ends are ASME Flanged & Dished for added strength and capacity. Horizontal tanks come standard with a minimum of two primed carbon steel support saddles which provide a standard 12” under clearance from the tank bottom to the bottom of the saddles.

Horizontal tanks with heating coils are normally used to heat and store liquid AC, but can be used for other materials, such as heavy fuel oil. They come in eleven different sizes with capacities from 5,000 to 40,000 gallons. Tanks for stationary HMA plants are mounted on steel skids that bolt to concrete foundations. Tanks for relocatable plants have built in steel foundations that rest directly on the ground.

The storage tank has serpentine heating coils. Liquid asphalt in the tank is indirectly heated by hot thermal oil flowing through the coils. The coils are formed into three layers, each with ten coils. Coils are made from rugged 2-inch schedule 40 seamless pipe and run the full length of the tank or compartments.


The storage tanks are made from 1/4-inch A-36 steel plate. Tank heads are also 1/4-inch steel, flanged and reinforced with channel stiffeners. Lifting lugs are provided on both ends of the tank.

Skids are made from steel channels and have expansion joints to compensate for temperature changes. Unlike many competitive tanks, tanks have saddles along their length for added strength. The skids have tie-down lugs for shipping.

A manway is located in the top of each compartment. An access ladder is provided on the outside of the tank and inside each compartment. Each compartment also has a combination vent and overflow pipe. A 3-inch valve in the bottom of each compartment allows the tank to be completely drained.

Tanks are covered with 6 inches of fiberglass insulation and an aluminum stucco embossed skin. Standard skin has a natural finish. Astec ivory, baked enamel finish is optional. A 22-inch wide area along the top of the tank is reinforced to prevent skin damage from walking. Painted 12-gauge steel covers insulation on tank heads and provides extra ruggedness.