Impingement Ovens

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Impingement Ovens

The high velocity air Impingement Ovens cut processing time in half when baking, toasting, roasting and heat treating a variety of food and industrial products. The Impingement ovens are ideal for rapid and uniform baking, roasting, toasting, cooking, curing, drying and cooling. They also require less floor space than conventional oven systems. Impingement processing is ideal for many food applications, as well as the nonwovens and Tobacco industries. For non-wovens, impingement processing offers high drying and finishing efficiency for coated and non-permeable (nano-fiber based) webs. In the tobacco industry, reconstituted tobacco sheet is efficiently dried or toasted with an impingement oven. The technology is best suited for products with a high surface area to volume ratio. The product tends to have a high surface area for heat transfer, and a minimal thickness for heat diffusion and moisture migration.

Typical Applications

  • Foods: baked snacks, bakery products, cereal biscuits, cheese melting, crackers, egg products, pies, pizza crust, potato roasting, prepared foods, vegetable roasting
  • Animal Feed: pet treats
  • Industrial: coated or impervious webs, composite building materials, nonwovens, pulp fiber webs, reconstituted tobacco sheet