Loop Dryers

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Loop Dryers

Loop Dryers or Festoon Dryers are machines to dry all kinds of materials like fabric, especially woven fabrics. Given the high fabric capacity in the machine the drying effect is uniform and progressive.

The machine is modular and the base has a conveyor belt that picks up the fabric and, using a special air drawing-in unit, forms the loop.

The first loop is held onto its fabric-carrying rod by special teflon devices. The fabric-carrying rods are made of stainless steel covered in quartz. The fabric continually changes position on the rods to avoid leaving marks on the fabric. Air circulates from the top to the bottom of the machine. The fabric is looped over covered poles that slowly move through the oven. Loop configuration provides a long dwell time at temperature with minimal floor space requirement.


  • Optimum air velocity and temperatures are achieved with recirculation fans and balanced air removal and intake.
  • Air actuated looping device and mechanically actuated loop cut-off ensures even, consistent loops.
  • Revolving poles covered with a woven sock impregnated with heat resistant resin for long pole life at high temperatures.
  • Independent variable frequency motors and speed controls provide adjustable loop length and allow the line to be trimmed in unison.
  • Insulated panel doors on both sides reduce heat losses while providing easy access to internal areas.