Pan Dryers

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Pan Dryers

The pan dryer is based on the well established and proven Filter/Dryer technology. Here, however, the porous filter bottom is replaced with a heated flat bottom.

Heated agitator with adjustable speed

The simple change in the design of the heated flat bottom increases the heat transfer area considerably. The agitator of the Pan Dryer is also normally heated and is equipped with speed control. Many elements such as the metallically sealed side discharge valve have been taken from the proven Filter/Dryer range

Fast agitator replaces the chopper

The top driven Pan Dryer (alternatively with bottom drive as well) relies on rotational velocity. A particularly fast agitator with circumferential speed of up to 3 m/s (spherical dryer only 1.5 m/s) ensures optimum mixing. The raising and lowering agitator also provides mixing on the vertical axis. At the same time, the minimal agitator to wall clearance keeps the wall free from product crust. The rotational high speed of the agitator combined with its vertical translation does not require the use of a chopper

Slide ring seal without product contact

As with the spherical dryer, the mechanical seal of the pan dryer is also advantageously located outside of the product area. Depending on the application, it can either be lubricated with gas or liquid. The axial motion of the agitator is sealed by metal bellows, as with the Filter/Dryer.

Easy internal inspection

Inspection is easily possible when the pan bottom is lowered, as with the spherical dryer. In the case of frequent cleaning and opening cycles, the pan dryer is also ideally equipped with a time-saving quick-locking bayonet flange instead of C-Clamps Important advantages at a glance · Proven Filter/Dryer technology. · Agitator speed-controlled and heated. · Fast cleaning (CIP/WIP and SIP). · Simple emptying. · Short drying times. · Easy to inspect.