Pharmaceutical Dryers

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Pharmaceutical Dryers

Pharmaceutical Dryers are used for production in the environment of a pharmaceutical plant.

The philosophy behind the design is that a combination of standardized modules is built together to meet the requirement for a specific duty. Therefore, dryers of equal capacity may be completely different with respect to design, configuration and physical size.

The Pharmaceutical Dryers either use hot air or nitrogen as drying gas. Nitrogen is used when drying non-aqueous compounds. The dryers can be designed for drying of a wide range of compounds that are based on acetone, methylene chloride, ethanol, and other organic solvents. The drying process and product characteristics vary greatly, depending on the solvent used.


  • Equipment for closed cycle operation
  • Facilities for hot gas sanitization
  • Specially designed pharmaceutical flanges for duct connections
  • Construction materials meeting FDA requirements
  • HEPA filters for gas streams
  • Special air disperser design
  • Swirl cone for chamber access - no chamber door with risk for contamination CIP equipment