Radiant Heating Dryers

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Radiant Heating Dryers

The Radiant Heating Dryers, similar to Infrared Dryers can be designed for between color drying on various flexographic, gravure presses and coaters. The Radiant-air IR drying modules can be added to flexo and other presses that currently do not have interstation dryers, or can replace existing hot-air units for increased drying capacity "especially with waterbase inks".

General Features

  • Air Handling.
  • Forced airflow accelerates drying/curing.
  • High-volume circulation blower reduces energy costs.
  • Separate dedicated blowers for circulation & exhaust Control Center
  • After the dryer has been turned off, the blowers and belt will continue to run for five minutes to shut down automatically after cooling of heat chamber.
  • Digital keypad with digital display.
  • Air-cooled electrical control cabinet insures long life of electrical components Conveyor System.
  • Conveyor belt is made of imported antistatic heat-resistant, Teflon-coated fiberglass coating.
  • Conveyor Driven by a reliable, heavy-duty, variable-speed AC motor with imported variable speed drive and gear box.
  • Rubber lining rollers for belt
  • Minimum belt speed: 0.8 mtr per minute
  • Max belt Speed : 15 Mtr/ Min.
  • Conveyor speed & IR system are integrated with each other for safety purpose.