Rapid Dryers

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Rapid Dryers

The Rapid Dryers dry fast and gently. Bulk materials whether organic, inorganic, chemical, pharmaceutical, coarse, fine, crystalline, fibrous or leafy – will be dried in a single pass without hot spots and they are loosened and mixed at the same time. Glass components, such as pipettes, and ceramics, plastics, textiles, wood or metal (such as test sieves) can be dried with superb results using this equipment.


  • Drying periods of just a few minutes
  • The final product is loose, well blended, pourable
  • Gentle drying even of temperature-sensitive substances
  • Glass container for visual monitoring of the drying process
  • Versatile with a choice of drying chambers and exhaust air filters
  • Simple operation thanks to a quick-clamping cover with bayonet catch


Drying in the Rapid Dryer makes use of the fluidized bed process, a technique similar to the one used in large industrial dryers. Ambient air is drawn in through a filter. A blower moves the air around the motor and across heating elements, and ultimately forces it through the perforated plate and into the detachable drying container.The solid particles are blown upward and agitated and thus kept separate one from another so that their surfaces cannot stick together. The air stream extracts moisture from the particles and then exits through the filter bag in the cover of the drying container. Using the quick-clamp cover with the filter fleece insert is advisable when dealing with product finer than 100 µm in diameter.The 750 watt blower provides air at a rate of 50 to 10m³, heater output is 2000 watts. The air volume, heating power and temperature are infinitely adjustable and a timer (0 to 60 minutes) is provided to switch the machine on and off. Temperature control (40 to 120°C) is affected using the display gauge.