Suction Drum Dryers

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Suction Drum Dryers

The National brand of reinforced and perforated Suction Drum Dryers have some of the highest evaporation rates in the industry and have set a new standard in efficient thermal bonding, heat setting and drying of all types of non wovens and fibers. Multiple drum dryers are ideal for applications requiring high line speed, extended dwell time and in-line temperature profiling for heat setting, thermal bonding or cooling. Drums are either standard perforation for a wide variety of applications or are reinforced structurally for high vacuum, high speed applications.

Typical Applications

  • Through-air drying (TAD)
  • Thermal bonding
  • Heat setting
  • curing
  • Finishing of nonwovens such as spunlaced (hydroentangled)
  • Air laid
  • Wet laid
  • Spun bond (SMS composites)
  • Coated and foam impregnated webs


  • Large-size perforated drum
  • Highly efficient fans
  • Optimized air flow due to specially designed diffusers
  • Defined suction zones using close fitting baffles
  • Efficient heat exchangers
  • Low drying temperatures
  • Specially designed heat exchanger tubes to reduce air resistance and minimise the accumulation of dirt
  • Large easily removable filters in front of each heat exchanger
  • Staggered drum arrangement to reduce floor space and increase the drying surface available for drying
  • Electronic control of each drum to achieve perfect synchronization
  • Inlet conveyor made from antistatic and lap free material
  • Material overfeed possible between drums and between the inlet conveyor and first drum to minimise tension and maximise the flow of air through the slivers
  • Automatic cleaning system for drum-guide wheels
  • Excellent thermal resistance
  • Automatic temperature adjustment
  • Exhausts for humid air are placed in a pressure zone with adjustable and automated discharge
  • Access for easy cleaning and inspection
  • Internal illumination
  • Inspection windows to view the inside of the dryer during operation
  • Soft air jet used to guarantee reliable passage of material between drums
  • Flexing rollers available for use with Super wash processing