Tube Bundle Dryers

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Tube Bundle Dryers

Tube bundle dryers are used for a various products, preferably when steam should be utilized as heating media and lowest temperatures are required.


Tube bundle dryers are highly efficient, dry with less air thus lowering emissions, and show flexible operation possibilities and highest availability due to modular design. The tube bundle dryer is pre manufactured in the workshop and minimizes erecting cost on customer’s site.

Function and Principle

The central element in our tube bundle dryers is the steam heated tube bundle. It dries the product by rotating inside a firm housing. The product is only in contact with the tubes, not with the heating medium steam.

Tube bundle dryers are used for pourable product that does not stick to the tubes or tend to clog at the temperatures required for the drying and conditioning process (up to 180°C steam temperature). Depending on the material properties, many materials can be "made" pourable by mixing them up with material that has been previously dried (recycling system).

Steam-heated tube bundle dryers can be used as conditioners or as pre-desolventizers. The wide spectrum of applications requires adaptation to special requirements. We achieve this by varying the spacing and diameter of the tubes, shovel arrangements, and filling levels inside the tube bundle housing.