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Tunnel Dryer

The Tunnel Dryers are specially designed for the cure of inks on various materials. This dryer is available in various dimensions due to the modular design. The specially developed airflow plate in this dryer ensures even heating over the whole drying area. It uses the latest burner technologies. Due to this technology and attention to fuel efficient design, these dryers have a proven record of low gas consumption. Optionally available with infrared, uv or electric elements. Besides that, the tunnel is easily accessible for cleaning because of the lifting hood which is equipped with gas springs.


  • The tunnel is equipped with a touchscreen which enables to set temperature and belt speed.
  • There is a modem for remote accessing.
  • The heat exchanger is fitted to the exhaust ducting to provide heat during cold periods.


It uses warmed air and high air flow to take surface moisture off smooth skinned produce. Produce is rolled through turbulent warm air inside the machine for even drying performance. A portion of air can be re-circulated of efficient use of heat.

Key Features

  • Insulated hood for maximum energy efficiency
  • Heat exchanger ensures low air humidity to optimise drying efficiency
  • Variable conveyor speed for produce type and drying conditions
  • Reduced bacteria growth
  • Improved handling and increased shelf life
  • Roller or Belt conveyor to transfer produce
  • Robustly built to withstand wet produce and variable conditions
  • Air circulation system through rollers to improve airflow around produce and reduce drying time
  • Soft pintle rollers at exit gently lower produce onto next piece of equipment
  • Available in multiple sizes

Typical Application

The Tunnel Dryer are suitable for fresh root vegetables.