Vacuum Band Dryers

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Vacuum Band Dryers

The Vacuum Band Dryers provide a continuous means of handling heat sensitive materials which can be fed as a viscous liquid or paste. The band dryer comprises a vacuum chamber housing a number of conveyor bands which pass over platens heated by steam or hot water. These units are supplied with a range of capacities using single to ten band configurations. Typical applications; soluble beverages, extracts, enzymes and pharmaceutical products. It is best suited for continuous drying of temperature sensitive and sugar containing products at low temperature under vacuum conditions. The vacuum dryers consists of a vacuum chamber in which conveyer bands of food grade quality are arranged. The band passes over the hot plates heated internally by steam or hot water. Feed product is spread on the moving band and is dried as it moves on the hot plates. Dried product is obtained at the other end of the vacuum dryers.

Typical Applications

  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Enzymes
  • Matted Milk
  • Protein Extracts Gelatin
  • Beverage Mix
  • Highly Viscous Liquids